Golf Fitness – Are you fit for golf

Does the club golfer require a fitness programme?
Lets face it everybody was pleased to see Darren Clarke win The Open last year….one for the people it was claimed. My favorite quote came from a journalist stating “Darren Clarke strolled to the 18th tee with a lead that resembled his figure…..comfortable!”
Let me take you back to the practice ground were the BBC delighted each day in showing Jimenez and Clarke going through their pre round warm up routine, as humorous as this looked make no mistake these guys regardless of shape are athletes.
Flexibility, balance, core stability, power, strength are all traits consistent golfers possess. To play your best golf you don’t have to be fit enough to run a marathon but you should focus on areas that will make swinging the club less effort.
Studies have shown that after 5 weeks of completing 5 minutes of simple home exercises 5 times a week; golfers increased their clubhead speed by an average of 24%.
Admittedly clubhead speed is only a fraction of someone’s overall game, however the lower handicappers tend to swing the club faster than higher handicappers.
The benefits of golf fitness training are not reserved for the young. Golfers aged 55-75 have also benefited from strength and flexibility training – both in terms of general health and their performance on the golf course.
In order to improve performance in any sport, training must be specific to the demands of the game involved. Of the few golfers who do appreciate the importance of physical training, most still make the mistake of following a general fitness routine.
If you want hit shots consistently you need to take a different approach. A more golf-specific approach to your training.


  1. susanne says:

    can you please tell me more – how do i access if i need this or not?

  2. Stuart Martin says:

    Everybody will benefit from an assessment

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